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Not a minecraft related post (Sorry, gotta get more projects done in-game before I up some screens) but it is important news nonetheless.


  • Moving to Buffalo New York in just THREE days, and my anxiousness is showing.  Slept for just a few hours, couldn’t get back to sleep.  My left eye is really bloodshot and I hate being awake.  I have shit to get done today though so let the suffering commence.
  • Recent events happened with this one idiot who was me and Nini’s ‘friend’ and I can’t say I will miss them.  Or their blatant copying of everything my girlfriend does, OR her twenty-something year old ‘brother’ (Not related) that she spends so much time with.  (Also her boyfriend messaged me and I lol’d heartily.  Jackie, Brandon, if you ever somehow read this I hope you both know your lives will never be planned out at 16 years old and there isn’t a chance in hell your fake-ass relationship is making it through college.)
  • We had our last DnD game before I move :C I hope everyone had fun, and that we will all play another epic campaign together soon.  It has been an honor to DM for such a wacky, fun filled group.  Till next time guys <3
  • Bulletstorm is fucking awesome and I want it SO.  BAD.  Its like it was custom-fit for me :U Quad barreled shotguns, dick jokes and all!
  • Last and certainly not least: I’m going to try and find my creative spark again once this moving business is dealt with.  I haven’t really…felt myself.  I can’t write, I don’t want to do anything where I have to make things, and that’s sad.  I know it has to be the stress right now, and with a new place to live who knows, maybe I’ll get better?  One of the best friends I have ever had gave me his Holga Camera, and I intend to use it.  Buffalo has some pretty sweet places I want to photograph so that’s something new.  Time will tell.

Just a horrible waiting game now for the flight.  And I bet sleeping wont get any easier :/ Oh bother.  At least I’m going somewhere…it feels good.  If I can even just get a part-time job, and get back to school I wont feel like such a waste. 

I have to live up to my title.  The King needs to come to Buffalo.


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