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The Word of Notch: We're hiring. You should work here.


We’re expanding!

Exciting new projects, a very successful first year, and a much bigger new office means we’re going to grow into a slightly larger company. Right now we’re about 12-15 people, depending on how you count, and we want to grow to “a bit larger”.

To apply for a job, go here:

1. Your studio stopped being ‘indie’ a while back.  Your millions of dollars is testament to that.

2. Don’t forget all employees get about 6 vacations a year..wait…that might just be you.

The Word of Notch: Och med dom orden så passar jag micken.


As of yesterday, Jens Bergensten is the new lead developer on Minecraft. He will have the final say in all design decisions, so he will kinda sorta become my boss, I guess. I’ve promised him to not pull rank. ;)

We’ve been working together on Minecraft for a year now, and I’m amazed at how much…

Are you fucking kidding me?  With all your god damn vacation time and “OHHH IM SO TIRED” breaks you take you need MORE TIME to ‘GET REFRESHED’?

Thank god your ass isn’t lead developer anymore, maybe the game will get some shit done now.  Like anything that isn’t that piss-poor bullshit you called the end.

Go play Skyrim and be the manbaby you really are, let someone actually breathe life into this game again.

P.S. Mushroom cows?  I hope you rot in hell

/v/ said it best

"I use to not give a shit about notch, minecraft, or any of this shit. But just reading the antics he has been up to in the past year has made me fucking despise the man.

1. break promises
2. “launch minecraft” by giving it a horrible stupid ending and actually update/change nothing
3. hold a fucking convention..for a game that is nothing more then virtual legos, in las vegas. It’s purpose? So his 12 year old fans can suck off his ego
4. repeat, hold a convention for kids, in las vegas, because his fat greedy jew ass wanted to use their money to buy hookers and gamble.
5. Invite people who have supported him to speak at his convention for an hour
6. MAKE THEM PAY, TO EARN HIM MONEY BY BEING A FEATURE AT HIS CONVENTION. this is some shit right here. This is like asking someone to pay you to make your game better and then stealing the work to resell as your own…oh wait HE FUCKING TRIED THAT ALSO.
7. refuse to pay talent at your stupid convention, then try to run them down afterward because they called your ending stupid as fuck, when in truth it was.”

-Angry Anon




 well that explains a lot.

thanks notch.

Corn is more important than your like 2 million players :(

it is.

I’ve been saying he’s a fat piece of shit that doesn’t care ever since he took 3 vacations in a row and decided to start work on another game before he even finishes the first.  He’s a terrible businessman, who got lucky with minecraft and can’t manage his shit.

Corn is more important than his fucking user-base.  He just expects to tweet it and for it to be okay.
Its like a big, rich man-baby got his own game company.  I love minecraft but I hate Notch about as much as I hate Bobby Kotick.

Go fuck yourself Notch.  I hope scrolls is a massive failure.



Only this fat piece of shit would charge THIS MUCH for a Minecraft convention.
140$ at the con?

I hope Bethesda wins that case against him.
I hope scrolls fails miserably.
I hope he hands off Minecraft to some people who will actually get the game finished and give a shit about it without being fat swedish money hogs.  50+ Million dollar revenue, and he still has an 11 man team and updates are rare.

For the hundredth time:

Someone’s mad

>Bethesda’s case is even valid, or laughably valid. 

Lol hope all you want, isn’t gonna change that it legally isn’t a proper claim

>Expensive Minecon = $140 Blizzcon=$150 Concert tickets=A LOT, I’ve seen 300 dollars

>Hotel fees are inexpensive and cost that much less than 140

>rare updates 1.9 prerelease comes out a few days after 1.8

>programming is easy

Why u mad?

Oh hey the Notch defense force!  Wondering when one of you would get buttmad and try and defend your bloated god.

»Lol hope all you want, isn’t gonna change that it legally isn’t a proper claim
Its proper enough to go to court motherfucker, and Notch has been handling it like a fucking child.  And all he does is go “BOO THEY ARE SHITTING ON INDIE DEVS”
Motherfucker is NOT Indie anymore, Minecraft is so mainstream in gaming now it hurts.

»I’ve seen 300 dollars
For what?  Blizzcon at least has SHIT TONS of events, Minecon is for minecraft.  What the fuck are you going to do there?  Blizzard has major league gaming, the world’s biggest MMO (even though I hate wow) SC2 and fucking Diablo 3 coming.  yeah, that price tag makes more sense than “MINECON: NOTCH’S WET DREAM”

>rare updates 1.9 prerelease comes out a few days after 1.8

And its totally been properly implemented right?  A beta of a beta?  This douche has fucking 50 million dollars off sales and he can’t be bothered to finish this game before he works on some stupid TCG that no one cares about?  When scrolls fails miserably I’m going to mail Notch a picture of me laughing, signed and dated.

>programming is easy
No, its not, but when you are rolling in money and the head of your own company I’d figure he would want to get shit done.  What the fuck did I pay him for?
I paid for this game hoping for a completed version.  Since then he has taken more personal vacations and found reasons NOT to work than a fucking cancer patient.
And with the lawsuit I’m sure that’s his next excuse.  He needs a bigger team than 11 people.  And he needs to stop thinking scrolls will matter.

Yeah I mad.  I like this game, I wish its creator wasn’t a piece of shit.

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